Supporting your team through a bad Ofsted Inspection

Once you have pulled yourself together and wiped away the tears, next turn to your team as these special people will also feel deflated. Make time to go and speak to every member of staff and listen to their questions, but most importantly tell them they have not failed and get them all fired up ready to move on. With staff morale on the low, find ways to help lift this, be there to support them when the mood is low. Pop out to the local shop and buy some cakes, these will always go down well. Arrange a large staff meeting, this can be beneficial, as it allows the team to voice their views and ask questions. 

It is important to not dwell on the past but to look to the future. Work with your team on making changes and implementing new ideas. Involve them in these new changes as this will empower them and make them feel appreciated and more importantly they will feel confident in talking in front of the inspector about the changes. 

Having a strong and motivated team can make all the difference as it can help take some of the burden off your shoulders.  Times like this can bring the team together. 

Over the next few weeks pop into the rooms and talk to staff members. Showing your face can often make all the difference. It can also give you the opportunity to spend time in the rooms observing practice

As a manager you may find it worthwhile to arrange staff supervisions, having quality time with individuals will enable you to talk through concerns and talk about how to move the setting forward. 

Whilst on this journey show your appreciation to your team by rewarding them not always with gifts but with words, thank you and well done are often the words that individuals want to here. Building up their self confidence as well as morale can at times be difficult but showing appreciation is one step to moving in the right direction.