Getting An Inadequate Ofsted Grade

Where do you start when your setting gets the Ofsted grade Inadequate? This will either break you as a manager or push you to become a better and stronger manager. After recovering from all the emotions and heartbreak it is time to move on and push forward. First look at creating an action plan outlining all the things you need to improve on. Take each point and go into further details stating who and how this will be achieved. Having this written down on paper will help unscramble your brain. This document can also be shared with parents or displayed within your reception areas showing parents what you intend to do, don't hide this document away. 

Spending time with your team is highly effective, reassuring and building their confidence is crucial. Without the support of your team you will not be able to move forward and get the grade you and your team deserves. Hold a staff meeting and go through all the points raised and share how you intend on addressing them. Be open with your team and allow them the time to ask questions. 

After getting over the initial shock it is important you talk with parents and answer any questions they may have. It may be easier to hold a meeting in the evening or express that your door is always open during the day for parents to pop in. Some of these meetings may be difficult and emotions may run high, but stay professional and reassure parents that you and your team are working extremely hard to address the points. You may find some parents decide to leave which is understandable but hopefully the majority will support you.

As a manager a lot of responsibilities lie on your shoulders in addressing the points raised however make sure you get support as well. Do not burn yourself out, take time out to reflect on what you have achieved along the way. Give yourself praise for each step you make as this will help you reach your goal. 

Good luck